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Freedom belief apostasy

Freedom of Belief Vs. Punishment for Apostasy

Short Answer:Major apostasy is when one leaves Islam then damages the image of Islam and calls others openly to leave Islam. Even more dangerous is when they call for others to harm Muslims! This type of apostasy is very dangerous as it poses a threat to the Muslim community. If he decides to leave Islam …

Compulsion in Religion: Why Two Interpretations? - About Islam

Compulsion in Religion: Why Two Interpretations?

Short Answer:Islam does not allow compulsion in religion, as God clearlysaid in the Quran in verse (2:256). Islam is a religion of peace. It is a religion of tolerance and respect. The very word “Islam” comes from a root word meaning both peace and submission (to God). _____________________________________ Salam(Peace), Thank you for contacting About Islam …

spread Islam sword

Did Muhammad Spread Islam by the Sword?

Short Answer: Of course not. For one thing, God himself forbade forced conversions in the Quran. There were even situations wherein, because he feared for their safety, Prophet Muhammad advised peoplenot to convert to Islam! Moreover, there is no historical record that Prophet Muhammad ever forced anyone to convert, but rather that Islam spread across …

no compulsion religion

Meaning of Quran Verse, "No Compulsion in Religion"?

Short Answer:God has made His message plain.The truth and error are now distinct and there is no need to compel anyone to be this or that.In fact, it would be wrong to compel anyone.If you compel somebody to be a Muslim then they wouldn’t really be a Muslim, because to be Muslim means that you …

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