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How to Get My Husband to Talk to Me?

In this counseling answer: • You have to be patient with your husband and help him understand that you appreciate him and that you sincerely want to know what he is thinking or what he is feeling about a certain matter. • If you like details, you can encourage him by asking specific questions that …

How Do I Become a Priority for My Spouse?

How Do I Become a Priority for My Spouse?

Every single one of us wants to feel special & valued. One of the biggest complaints I get while doing marriage counseling is that people don’t feel like they are a priority for their spouse. When a person feels unimportant then they stop striving. Many people ask: How do you become a priority for your …


I Broke My Parents' Trust

In this counseling answer: •Try to explain to them what you were doing, and describe the people you are in touch with over the Net. •Always try to be honest about your own feelings with yourself, so that you can be honest with them. In this way, they can get to know what is happening for you, …

Haleh Banani on communication problems

Two Common Communication Problems in Marriage

No matter what stage you are at in your marriage you can benefit from the information given by Haleh Banani who has her Masters in Clinical Psychology, with over 15 years experience giving marital and individual therapy. She will give you the necessary tools to improve your marriage by answering some of the most frequently …

How Do You Forgive in a Marriage?

There are so many people who are holding a grudge in their marriage. They have built up resentment and animosity which has created a barrier preventing them from having a meaningful and fulfilling relationship. Learning how to forgive is fundamental to having a successful marriage. Watch sister Haleh giving a step by step description on …

Communication In Marriage

The number one reason why couples have issues is because of communication problems. They don’t communicate and communication in marriage is essential to having a happy life together.


Always Remember: I Have My Eye on You

When you look up at the sky, remember “they” are watching you. Who are the ubiquitous “they”? Satellites that orbit Earth. Mankind’s eye in the sky located thousands of miles above. In fact, they eavesdrop on conversations, monitor nuclear detonations or broadcast a channel worldwide. What is a satellite? Technically any object that orbits the …


For Spouses: It Takes Two to Communicate (Watch)

Most of us know that good communication is the basis for a successful marriage. But we often forget that communication is also non-verbal. paying attention to our spouses, being aware of what’s important to them and positive body language can have a profound impact on our partners. Watch this video by Marriagesuccess and know more about …

My Husband Always Misunderstands Me

My Husband Always Misunderstands Me

In this counseling answer: “Your husband seems to be a caring and hardworking person who is committed to you. Keep the positive characteristic highlighted, and I am sure you will be able to work on the small adversities that will come along the way. Marriage requires adjustment like anything else new. Both partners are responsible to …

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