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I Was Being Prepared to Become a Muslim

I Was Being Prepared to Become a Muslim

My soul was crying out and even my stubbornness could not squelch the cries. We started working together and discussing our respective beliefs. I had given up on Christianity completely, but when he started asking me questions, my faith surged and I felt I was a ‘Crusader’ defending the Faith from this evil “Moslem”.

World's Catholic Bishops Introduced Islam to Me

The World's Catholic Bishops Introduced Islam to Me

When I was a teenager, there was a meeting of all the Catholic bishops of the world, about 2500 of them, in Rome. After the meeting, they published a book which said, among other things, The Church regards with esteem also the Muslims. They adore…

Rejected by Church I Found My God to Worship

Rejected by Church, I Found My God to Worship

At some point, my life just sort of spiraled to the bottom and I cracked. My immediate response was to turn to God, and, having been raised Catholic, it was to that church that I turned. At the time, I had been divorced and remarried and came to find out…

Can A Muslim Enter Church?

Is it good for a Muslim to enter a church for funeral or any event? If is not good then what’s the punishment of such Muslim?

New York Muslims, Christians Unite for a Cause

An interfaith celebration of the holiday took place on Long Island Tuesday, pairing volunteers from a church and a mosque You could call it a blended family – ancient cousins of sorts – celebrating together. LONG ISLAND, New York – Muslims and Christians in Long Island, New York, came together for a common good, sharing …

This Muslim Family Looks After Local Church for 100 Years

LAHORE – For the past 100 years, the family of Waheed Murad has been looking after a local church in their city, keeping the church clean and ready, The BBC reported. Located in a rural area of Pakistan, where there are hardly any Christians, the St Matthew Church has been looked after by the Murad …

The Recitation of Quran Changed My Life

The Recitation of Quran Changed My Life

There was a day when the recitation of the Quran from the mosque was not that usual background noise anymore. All of a sudden I felt an inclination towards the recitation. I wanted to hear more of it. I bought a CD to be able to listen to it whenever I wanted to.

Virginia Church Hosts `Eid Al-Adha Prayer

BURKE, Virginia – A local church in Burke, Virginia, opened its door on Tuesday, August 21, to host `Eid Al-Adha prayer, accommodating the growing number of Muslims in the community. “We were able actually to pray and accomplish our `Eid prayer and our goal of getting closer to God, even though it is actually in …

American Church Members Support Local Mosque

American Church Members Support Local Mosque

ROCHESTER – Members of churches in Rochester, Minnesota US, have revealed their support for Masjid Abubakr Al-Seddig in their city after an Islamophobic attack that targeted the mosque on June 23, KIMT3 News reported. Rochester’s citizens and the Mayor Ardell Brede gathered at the mosque on June 24 to sympathize with Muslims after an Islamophobe …

Emirati Church Hosts Ramadan Iftar

ABU DHABI – Every Ramadan, hundreds of mosques across the United Arab Emirates open their doors to host iftar dinner events for all people. But on Wednesday, June 6, a church in Abu Dhabi, invited Muslims to share iftar meal, and hundreds of attendants enjoyed the occasion, sharing food and thoughts. “It feels awesome and …

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