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Child with Special Needs

Does a Child with Special Needs Have Religious Obligations?

In this counseling answer: •Let your son learn and practice at his own pace and ability to introduce new (or previous) Islamic duties such assalah, reading Qur’an, charity, and so forth- at his pace. Don’t push him, but encourage him with love. •Examine his learning environmentathis classes. There is nothing more disheartening than trying to …

3 Graves or Doors to Paradise? Lessons in Patience, Gratitude & Social Responsibility

3 Graves or Doors to Paradise? Amazing Story

5″I am looking atthree graves in front of me,” said the heart-broken husband. “Rather, I see three doors to Paradise,” replied his wife with patience and faith. Sharing an inspirational story about a family who had three kids with fatal diseae, Sister Yasmin Mogahed explains that if Allah helps us we will be able to …

Mom is Always Fighting with Us!

Mom is Always Fighting with Us!

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaikum, I am so sorry to hear of the issues your family is going through due to your mom’s emotions, anger (and probably depression). It must be very hard on the family. Often times, when someone is depressed or suffering from some sort of mental illness, they try to blame others and may …

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