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Teen Daughter Ignores

My Teen Daughter Ignores Me, What Should I Do?

In this counseling answer: •While you desire that she discusses her problems with you, the truth is you cannot force her to sister, you can onlyshare of yourself in an open way and hope that she will share with and confide in you as well, though it may take time. •Be patient with her and …


How to Deal With an Out of Control Kid?

In the counseling answer: •Perhaps your 6-year old is in need of extra attention due to a highly sensitive nature. Perhaps she gets jealous easily or perhaps emotionally she feels neglected •You need to understand this and be able to assess when it happens in order to act accordingly. This should be discussed with your …


How to Parent Non-Muslim Children?

In this counseling answer: •Continue being polite and kind as well as providing friendly guidance where and when you are able. •Seek out your husband’s advise on how to best approach the children as well as try to plan family outings in which everyone can enjoy each others company and slowly begin bond building. •Please …

Child's Violent Behavior

My Child's Violent Behavior While in Public

In this counseling answer: •If you areembarrassedby your child’s behavior, and the child knowsit and also knows that they can get your attention in this way (even your negative attention is better than no attention), then they will behave badly. •Do not lose your temper •Do not bribe with sweets – your child will learn …

How to Discipline a Stubborn Child?

How to Discipline a Stubborn Child?

In this counseling answer: •Set limits by stating in simple terms what it is that you expect from him. •While he may seem like a little rebel, sister, he is merely testing his limits and has learned that his rebellious behavior either gets him what he wants or it gives him a lot of attention …

My 9-Year-Old Daughter Is Very Stubborn, What to Do?

My 9-Year-Old Daughter Is Very Stubborn, What to Do?

In this counseling answer: •Set firmer boundaries and consequences while at the same time respecting her growing need for making choices. •Sit down with her and have a mother to daughter talk. Inform her that you do respect that she has opinions and preferences but as a member of the family she is to obey …

How To Teach Kids Not To Say Bad Words

How To Teach Kids Not To Say Bad Words

In this counseling answer: •I would kindly suggest that you sit with him and ask him if he knows swearing is bad (yes), does he know he is forbidden to swear (yes). •I would further explain that as he knows it is bad and he knows it is forbidden, you will give him a consequence …

How to Teach 10-Year-Old Son About "Commitment"?

How to Teach 10-Year-Old Son About "Commitment"?

In this counseling answer: •You can begin by not putting too much pressure on him. Putting pressure on him, and punishing him will only make him have negative associations with these things.Instead, focus on the positives. •Another useful tactic in discipline children is to give them some control. This makes them more likely to complete …


My 3-Year-old Daughter Gets So Angry!

In this counseling answer: •In her angry moments, begin by coming down to her level and gently asking her what the problem is and see if you can come up with a resolution. •If she does not respond to this then try to avoid giving her attention, preferring to ignore it where possible. This way, …


Shouting at My Children all the Time, I Need Help!

In this counseling answer: •Find out what is going on with them so you can address their needs! •Help them by crafting your conversations with them to draw out what they need from you – not you telling them what to do. •Let them know that you will have the lastsayif you cannot agree, but …

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