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My Child Cries at Preschool Every Day! - About Islam

My Child Cries at Preschool Every Day!

In this counseling answer: “For some children, it helps that the parent stays close by for an extended period of time, to begin with. So, for example, it may be that for a few days you go in together and you stay with him the whole time so that he gets the chance to feel …

Bullied son

My Bullied Son Lacks Confidence in School, Help!

In this counseling answer: •You should speak to the school counselor, the vice principal, or the principal about your bullied son. •You should know the exact spelling of the official’s name and title so that when action is taken, you know whom to thank in writing. If no action is taken, then you know whom …

Son Gets Angry Easily, How to Control His Anger?

Son Gets Angry Easily, How to Control His Anger?

In this counseling answer: •When he gets angry, return your gesture calmly towards him and come down to his level so that he comes to see this as the way he should be behaving too. If he hears you talking in a calm voice, he is more likely to lower his tone and respond more …

wetting bed

How Dare She Wet Herself?!

In this counseling answer: •Children often feel upset, worried, angry, and sad.Such stresses may cause a child to regress to an earlier pattern of behaviorsuch as whining, crying, or bed wetting, or they may become more aggressive and demanding. •Try to solve your problems with your spouse in a calm and wise way;let her feel …


How to Improve My Son's Intelligence?

In this counseling answer: •Regarding your second question, your son is of pre-school age and there is a lot of educational material that suits his age. •Try to get toys that interest his mental abilities and stimulate his urge to learn. This way, he will use the toys to build objects that are more complex …

Daughter's Behavior

Worried About My Daughter's Behavior

In this counseling answer: •Any small achievement and betterment of her behavior must be rewarded. When she gets a number of ticks, then you can give her a bigger reward. •Never compare her to her brother, as she is still building her own self. At this stage, avoid blaming her, even if she did something …

Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking: How to Break the Habit?

In this counseling answer: •Give her gentle reminders; substitute the thumb for a soft favorite toy when you see her sucking. •Consistency in pulling her thumb out and replacing it with something she likes, as well as praising her when you don’t see her thumb in her mouth are all positive ways to help curb …


How to Deal With an Out of Control Kid?

In the counseling answer: •Perhaps your 6-year old is in need of extra attention due to a highly sensitive nature. Perhaps she gets jealous easily or perhaps emotionally she feels neglected •You need to understand this and be able to assess when it happens in order to act accordingly. This should be discussed with your …

How Can I Teach Prayer to My Toddler ? - About Islam

How Can I Teach Prayer to My Toddler ?

In this counseling answer: To responding the questioner who asks how to let her kid start taking part in the prayer, the counselor advises her to learn the prayer through example and interactivity; as lectures don’t cut it! the learning process has to be interactive. Wa ‘alaikum Salaam, This is the easiest and hardest question …

talks to his toys

My Child Talks to His Toys, Is This Normal?

In this counseling answer: •What your son is doing is normal. It is called “modeling”. •Your son is probably very bright as he is able to use his imagination, creativity, and real-life experiences to keep himself occupied. •As long as your son has friends that he talks to, is expressive at home and is not …

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