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Thumb Sucking

Thumb Sucking: How to Break the Habit?

In this counseling answer: •Give her gentle reminders; substitute the thumb for a soft favorite toy when you see her sucking. •Consistency in pulling her thumb out and replacing it with something she likes, as well as praising her when you don’t see her thumb in her mouth are all positive ways to help curb …


How to Deal With an Out of Control Kid?

In the counseling answer: •Perhaps your 6-year old is in need of extra attention due to a highly sensitive nature. Perhaps she gets jealous easily or perhaps emotionally she feels neglected •You need to understand this and be able to assess when it happens in order to act accordingly. This should be discussed with your …

How Can I Teach Prayer to My Toddler ? - About Islam

How Can I Teach Prayer to My Toddler ?

In this counseling answer: To responding the questioner who asks how to let her kid start taking part in the prayer, the counselor advises her to learn the prayer through example and interactivity; as lectures don’t cut it! the learning process has to be interactive. Wa ‘alaikum Salaam, This is the easiest and hardest question …

talks to his toys

My Child Talks to His Toys, Is This Normal?

In this counseling answer: •What your son is doing is normal. It is called “modeling”. •Your son is probably very bright as he is able to use his imagination, creativity, and real-life experiences to keep himself occupied. •As long as your son has friends that he talks to, is expressive at home and is not …


Weaning Problems & Bedtime Battles

In this counseling answer: •Find other ways to give your daughter her daily doses of close loving contact: For example, hold her between your arms while reading a book, take her to the park, or just sit and play with her. •It is not recommended to let your child cry it out or withhold food. …

Active Time

How Much Active Time is Enough for My Son?

In this counseling answer: •Forming friendships is important to them; therefore being able to play with friends is an important channel for both their physical as well as social development. •Try to make sure that there is a balance between their physical, social and mental needs as at this time there is greater mental development …

sibling fighting

How to Deal with Sibling Fighting?

In this counseling answer: •Sit them both down and explain to them that from now on you will not tolerate any bickering and that when they start to fight and bicker you will blow the whistle (or whatever you chose) and once that whistle is blown they have 1 minute to recompose themselves or there …

How to Deal With Selfish Grandson?

How to Deal With Selfish Grandson?

In this counseling answer: •Create opportunities where it helps to share or take turns. •You can create all kinds of sharing experiences that can be fun: playing catch with a ball is a good one. •Practice sharing with your grandson. Have your grandson share something with you or practice doing something that requires you and …

Child Bites

My Child Bites People, What to Do?

In this counseling answer: •Every time when your child bites, be calm but disapproving so that they can learn that biting another person is not acceptablebehavior. But remember, be calm. •If your son bites you, you can show (with some exaggeration) how much it hurts so that they can learn about the effect of biting. …

Child's Violent Behavior

My Child's Violent Behavior While in Public

In this counseling answer: •If you areembarrassedby your child’s behavior, and the child knowsit and also knows that they can get your attention in this way (even your negative attention is better than no attention), then they will behave badly. •Do not lose your temper •Do not bribe with sweets – your child will learn …

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