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Health Benefits of Yogurt for Eid

Yogurt is a popular food in different cultures in spite of vegan controversies raised about it. Fortunately, though, this controversy only pertains to commercially produced cow milk and milk products. As one of the oldest foods known to man, yogurt is a product of pure milk. Indeed, “We give you to drink of what is …

celebrate christmas family

May I Celebrate Christmas With My Non-Muslim Family?

Short Answer:Yes, as long as you avoid the overtly religious aspects of Christmas, and other haram aspects, including alcohol consumption.It’s extremely important not to isolate yourself from your family, and a Muslim respects their parents and keeps strong family ties, even and especially if their family isn’t Muslim. The key to these sorts of family …

Celebrating the Prophet's Birth: Between Two Innovations

Celebrating the Prophet's Birth: Between Two Innovations

In this Khutbah, Dr. Jasser Auda discusses the issue of celebrating the Prophet’s birth (peace and blessings be upon him). He approaches the question by tackling two innovations (Bid`ahs) that people fall in when dealing with the occasion. Two unacceptable innovations On one hand, some wage a war on those who celebrate the occasion and …

How to React Towards Halloween Celebrators?‏

How to React Towards Halloween Celebrators?‏

Short Answer:One solution may be to be more proactive. Instead of just waiting and dreading the conversations you will be subject to, maybe you can send a short note or flyer to your neighborhood families explaining that you do not celebrate Halloween, and some simple and respectful reasons why it is not in accordance with …

The Origins of Halloween

Halloween - A Revert's Remembrance and Advice

As a child on Halloween, I was allowed to dress up but my parents didn’t approve of trick or treating. Firstly it’s like begging and secondly you really don’t know whose door you could be knocking on, and it’s not safe in this day and age. When I reverted 7 years…

Muslims & Halloween: Celebrate or Not?

Muslims & Halloween: Celebrate or Not?

It is Halloween; if you are a Muslim parent you may be thinking about many questions. – Is it OK to participate in this occasion? – Should I let my kids go knock the doors to collect candy? – From where did all these practices come in the first place? – And how can Mosques …

The Story Behind Eid al Adha – A Special Trial of Abraham

The Story Behind Eid al Adha - A Special Trial of Abraham

Eid is more than a celebration, it is a reminder. We are reminded of our own submission to the will of God. Those Muslim’s who are not making the pilgrimage and who can afford it sacrifice an animal in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s test.

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