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My Non-Muslim Parents & Xmas

In this counseling answer: •Make sure that you emphasize that this hasn’t changed you in any radical way, and that you strongly desire to keep your relationship with them intact. Make sure that they have access to their grandchildren, but at the same time, make it clear to them that you will not tolerate any attempts to …

A Muslim’s Experience of Christmas

A Muslim’s Experience of Christmas

That time of year is always exciting and happy and wonderful. So to see other people experience that on their special occasions only brings me joy as well. It makes me happy to see others happy…

How to Survive Christmas with Muslim Children

How to Survive Christmas with Muslim Children

In this counseling answer: “It is important to gently educate them on the fact that as Muslims we don’t celebrate Christmas, but we must respect that others do. If you have hidden these things away from them then this might make them more curious to find out more and be even more tempted to engage in …

Muslim Converts & the Christmas Blues – A Counselor’s Tips

Muslim Converts & the Christmas Blues – A Counselor’s Tips

It is that time of year again wherein approximately 160 countries celebrate Christmas. Usual festivities include decorating homes and tree’s with colored lights, cooking, shoppers buying gifts, santas on corners and in stores giving a cheery “ho ho ho”. Children eagerly make out wish lists and family and friends plan festive get togethers.  At work …

Not Celebrating Christmas… Do Muslims Really Love Jesus?

Not Celebrating Christmas… Do Muslims Really Love Jesus?

Why are Muslims not celebrating Christmas? How do Muslims view Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him) and his mother Mary? If they truly love them, then why do not they participate in Christmas celebrations? Is that a manifestation of intolerance and harshness to non-Muslims? In this talk, Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi explains the Islamic …

miss Christmas

New Muslim: My Children Miss Christmas With My Family

Short Answer: It’s up to you. Only you know your personal circumstances and what your new faith can handle. But keep in mind that you can’t live in a protected cocoon, shielding yourself and your family from your surroundings forever. Nor are you expected to do that because you embraced Islam. This sort of isolation isn’t …

Celebrate Christmas

Can I Celebrate Christmas to Honor Prophet Jesus' Birth?

Short Answer: Modern Christmas is not about honoring Jesus or about family; it’s about consumerism and materialism. Sure, you could celebrate Jesus, some might say, but is this pseudo-religious “holiday” really the best way to celebrate him? Isn’t it better to obey his teachings? Isn’t it better to be kind and generous and family-centered all the …

Interfaith Marriage Today

Interfaith Marriage Today and Religious Holidays

Short Answer: When a Muslim man marries a believing woman from among the People of the Book (Christians and Jews), he should not try to prevent her from practicing her own faith. It would be inappropriate in a Muslim household to have icons of Jesus or other religious figures. But aside from that, he needs to …

10+ Fatwas for Christmas Time

10+ Fatwas for the Christmas Time

As the Christmas season approaches, many Muslims have questions that need answers. Is it OK to celebrate Christmas? Should they exchange gifts and greets with their Christian neighbors and friends? How about new Muslims; ho they should treat their non-Muslim family members in this occasion? Is it permissible to attend Christmas dinner with their families? …

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