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How to Have Patience During a Calamity?

How to Have Patience During Calamity?

There is a famous story of Ibn Abbas when he was on a journey with some of his companions, a messenger comes and whispered something into his ear. Ibn Abbas listens to what he has to say, then he immediately faced the Qiblah and prayed two units of prayer.

How the Fear of Death Helped Me to Live

How the Fear of Death Helped Me to Live

After diagnosis, the world looked like a different place, it was as if my vision had sharpened. There is so much beauty if you take the time to notice it, not just in the most breath-taking natural settings, there is beauty even if you live in a suburban neighborhood…

Always Keep Your Tongue Moist with Dhikr

Always Keep Your Tongue Moist With Dhikr

Always keep dhikr (remembrance) of Allah on your tongue no matter what. Why? Whenever Allah Almighty tries you and tests you, the first thing you’ll say is the dhikr of Allah. I have a friend back in Australia, who was a teacher from Uganda. And…

The Prophet's Wise Advice to a Woman- A Story of Patience

The Prophet's Wise Advice to a Woman- A Story of Patience

When the woman, who was in the graveyard, was mourning over. The Prophet Muhammad passed by and he said: “This is a trial and you should be patient.” She said: “You didn’t have the tribulation that I had.” That’s how she answered him…

Can we Flee Allah's Divine Decree

Can We Flee from Allah’s Divine Decree?

It is true that everything happens by the decree of Allah. It is obligatory for a Muslim to believe this. The problem is how to understand it. Our belief should not lead us to a debilitating fatalism whereby the human being is dis-invested of all responsibility, even with respect to good and evil.

Reinterpreting Prosperity and Hardship

We may live in this world, and have all the goods and possessions of deception that anyone could dream of, but have completely failed at the object of our existence. And if the object of our existence is, as Allah tells us, only to serve Him, then it would follow that only that which brought us closer to that end…

Inner Balance

You should keep an open mind and be ready for the unexpected. Be prepared for the demands you might have to face. The best kind of success is where you are able to see what you achieve as being the best there is in life. This gives you an inner safeguard from the unforeseen obstacles that might get in your way.

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