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Ebers Papyrus

It All Makes Good Scents

The use of aromas is believed to date back to the times of the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians (modern day Iraq).

Ma Huang

Ma Huang, Botanic Army General

Many people enjoy taking herbs to avoid the side effects of heavy medication. However, in the case of Ma Huang the consumer may be getting many more side effects than they bargained for. Traditionally, small amount of Ma Huang stimulates healing in the body. Nevertheless, modern herbology uses Ma Huang in larger amounts. Further dangers …


Gardening: An Islamic Philosophical Architecture

If heaven, the ultimate reward that we are striving for, is described as “gardens underneath which rivers flow”, then what places on Earth could give us better foretaste of Paradise than gardens?

Muslims Invent Flower Preservation Technique

Muslims Invent Flower Preservation Technique

As festivities die out, so do the millions of flowers that had been picked and shared all at once to serve the occasion.The hidden costs on the environmentcan become devastating. No longer. A team of researchers from the department of Museology, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), India has come up with a chemical compound and a …


Journal of Herbalist: Eating Right

Case: Talla came to me for a dietary program. She felt she needed to eat healthier but she did not know where to start, what to change or what to do. She wanted to lose about twenty pounds, feel more energetic and sleep better at night. She was sure her present manner of eating had something to do with her odd energy levels.


Scientists Found Way to Induce 'Reverse Photosynthesis'

It’s pretty common knowledge that plants grow through the process of photosynthesis. At its core, photosynthesis converts light energy into chemical energy that the plant can then use for its day-to-day plant things. Scientists have been trying to master artificial photosynthesis for some time, and now researchers in Denmark are turning the idea on its …

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