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American Muslims: Islamic Duties and Civic Obligations (Imam Omar Suleiman)

American Muslims: Islamic Duties & Civic Obligations

Whether we live in a small town or big city, a predominantly Muslim neighborhood or we are the only Muslims on the block, it’s important to be involved and engaged in society as a whole. And that’s where our civic obligations come in. As Muslims, our Islamic duties are what push us to be involved. …

Imam Omar Suleiman: My Thoughts on Dallas Memorial (+Invocation Video)

Imam Omar Suleiman: My Thoughts on Dallas Memorial (+Invocation Video)

A few days ago, I got the invitation from Mayor Mike Rawling’s office to offer an invocation at the service to pay tribute to our fallen officers which would be attended by President Obama. I immediately sought advice from a large group of my teachers, leading activists like Dr. Altaf Husain, Tariq Toure, and Linda …

In Islam.. Which Lives Matter?

In Islam.. Whose Lives Matter?

I was shocked by the incidents of the past few days in the United States, just like everyone. Questions are being posed on what could be the reasons behind such high frequency of fatal shootings, resulting in bloody scenes of common rage and confrontation. Why this long list of lives lost at the hands of …

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