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Animated Geographic Map How Your Faith Has Spread

Religion is any belief system of designated behaviors and practices, world views, texts, sanctified places, ethics, or organizations, that relate humanity to the supernatural or transcendental. Religions relate humanity to what anthropologist Clifford Geertz has referred to as a cosmic “order of existence”.The study of religion encompasses a wide variety of academic disciplines, including theology, …

Divine Providence- The Art of Seeing

Divine Providence: The Art of Seeing

While the connection between the divine and the natural world was lost on me back in college, the kind of seeing I was made to do in art school did help open a door for me to accept the existence of a creator. As art students, my colleagues and I were taught…

Hope & Trust of Prophet Muhammad - About Islam

Hope & Trust of Prophet Muhammad

This can’t be happening. A door closes. Then another. And yet, another. A series of expectations, anticipated with great optimism, just don’t come to fruition. It doesn’t only happen to you- it has happened to the Prophet Muhammad, as well…

If God Really Cares, Let Him Send Me a Miracle! - About Islam

If God Really Cares, Let Him Send Me a Miracle!

There are some well-meaning individuals who put God to test by wishing to see a miracle from Him in order to fully believe that He is there and cares for them. Such persons do believe in God but have no personal relationship with Him.

Do We Have Good Reasons to Believe? 2 - About Islam

Do We Have Good Reasons to Believe? 2

Without God our lives do not have any ultimate meaning. If our ends are the same, in that we just pass out of existence, what meaning does that give our lives? Does it even matter if we existed at all? If the universe was never in existence what difference would it make?

Hajj: It Is All about God's Oneness - About Islam

Hajj: It Is All about God's Oneness

Tawheed” (the Oneness of God) was the message with which all the messengers and prophets were sent to establish on earth. Every prophet was ordered to convey the message of “Tawheed” to his people.

From Holy Rollers to Holy Quran - About Islam

From Holy Rollers to Holy Quran

From two extremely different directions, a light began to shine on me. I was preparing to take my black belt test in New Orleans. My instructor, while not a member of the Nation of Islam, was a believer in its concepts and precepts.

Modesty, Swimming and the Burkini

Modesty, Swimming and the Burkini

I tested myself to see if I remembered different swimming styles. Once a swimmer, always a swimmer! It was an incredible afternoon, but one of the things I found so encouraging wearing my new burkini at the beach that day, was finding numerous other burkini wearers, too.

Bitter to Blessed - About Islam

Bitter to Blessed

Why did these people conduct their lives with such kindness? What made them behave so respectfully and so unlike anything that I had negatively heard on the American news and media channels? WHY?

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