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God Create Angels

Why Did God Create Angels? Can't He Do Everything Himself?

Short Answer: Allah doesn’t need the angels, but He has the Power to create incredibly mighty creations; His creations are a manifestation and reflection of His Power, Brilliance, and incomparable Greatness. Angels devoutly obey Allah Almighty and never disobey Him, and each angel is assigned a special task. _________________________________________ Peace be upon you, Reader, Thank …

guardian angels

Guardian Angels: Isn't Belief In Them A Form of Shirk?

Short Answer: No, believing in guardian angels is not a form of shirk, because to believe in such angels is to worship God. He tells us that he created certain angels whose responsibilities to us include guarding us, watching us, and taking down our every word and deed. There are angels who visit us and enjoy listening to …

belief angels

Belief in Angels: An Article of Faith?

Short Answer: Yes, belief in angels is an article of faith in Islam. One cannot claim to be Muslim if one rejects one of the six articles of faith as laid out by Prophet Muhammad in an authentic hadith he relayed to Angel Gabriel while sitting with his companions. Angels interact with humans in a number …

Jinn Angels Help Humans?

Do Jinn and Angels Help Humans?

Salam Brother, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Angels and the jinn belong to the domain of the Ghayb (or the Unseen world) in Islamic terminology. By definition they are not perceptible to the five senses of humans; which means that they cannot be seen, heard, touched, etc. Even the …

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