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Real Talk Do Muslims Follow Jesus Teachings

Real Talk: Do Muslims Follow Jesus' Teachings?

Short Answer:Yes!But not in the way that Christians do.Muslims believe that the Quran is the final revelation of Almighty God to humankind.They believe that previous scriptures were indeed given, but that over the years theseprevious scriptures became altered, either deliberately or by mistake.While Muslims do follow Jesus’ (PBUH) teaching especially those about love–God is the …


The Second Coming of Jesus

Short Answer:In Islam, the second coming of Christ(PBUH) is not only one of the peculiar signs of The Final Hour, but it is also a glorious conclusion of the history-long confrontation betweentawheed(monotheism)of all genuine prophets on the one hand, and the multitude of polytheist deviations (deifying Jesus, etc.) that corruptedthe teachings of Jesus after his …

Missing Years

Christ's Missing Years: Any Details in Islam?

Short Answer:The claims about Jesus’ travel to India are exaggerated and their sources are unreliable. What is absolutely necessary for us to know about Jesus’ life is mentioned in the Quran and Hadith. The rest is irrelevant. So in Islam, the question of any missing years does not arise in the case of any prophet, …

Jesus Between Crucifixion and Who Was Crucified

If Jesus Wasn't Crucified ... Then Who Was?

Short Answer:There are still lots of common grounds betweenIslamand Christianity regarding the subject of “Crucifixion.” Even it is mentioned in the bible, in accordance tothe Quran:[A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father.] (John, 16:16)For us Muslims, the …

quran Jesus

What Does The Quran Say About Jesus?

Short Answer:In order to refute the false idea that theChristianshad developed over the centuries, the Quran is at pains to insist that Jesus is not God. But, heis a central Prophet in Islam, anointed by God, the Messiah who will return and herald the end-times, and he was a spirit from God, bringing the Word …

miss Christmas

New Muslim: My Children Miss Christmas With My Family

Short Answer:It’s up to you. Only you know your personal circumstances and what your new faith can handle. But keep in mind that you can’t live in a protected cocoon, shielding yourself and your family from your surroundings forever. Nor are you expected to do that because you embraced Islam. This sort of isolation isn’t …

Celebrate Christmas

Can I Celebrate Christmas to Honor Prophet Jesus' Birth?

Short Answer: Modern Christmas is not about honoring Jesus or about family; it’s about consumerism and materialism.Sure, you could celebrate Jesus, some might say, but is this pseudo-religious “holiday” really the best way to celebrate him? Isn’t it better to obey his teachings? Isn’t it better to be kind and generous and family-centered all the …

Help Christians Understand

How Can I Help Christians Understand Who Jesus Really Is?

Short Answer:Muslims believe that the one message spoken by all Prophets was the Oneness of God.Muslims believe that over time the one message proclaimed by all Prophets became distorted, either through translation or even by deliberate effort on the part of some. Butthey were never intended to last.The message revealed to Prophet Muhammad, however, was …

The Lord's Prayer & The Last Supper: The Islamic Take - About Islam

The Lord's Prayer & The Last Supper: The Islamic Take

Short Answer: The Lord’s Prayer and the Last Supper areonly “proof” of what Jesus said if you believe that what is recorded in the fourGospelsof the Christian Church is actually what he said.This is the first, and probably the major, point of disagreement.Muslims believe that Islam is the natural religion of mankind and that it …

Muhammad messiah

Why Isn't Prophet Muhammad Called 'Messiah'?‏

Short Answer: Because God doesn’t refer to Prophet Muhammad as the “Messiah”, but hedoesrefer to Prophet Jesus that way, nine different times throughout the Quran. But, it’s important to know that God referring to Jesus as the “Messiah” doesnot mean that Jesus is somehow more than a man, a very, very good man who obeyed …

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