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Why Is It Hard for a Male Convert to Marry a Born-Muslim Wife?

Why Is It Hard for a Male Convert to Marry a Born-Muslim Wife?

Life as a convert is never easy and, unfortunately, you know that you’ll have to leave a lot of things behind, but in my case it was even worse than I expected. I hoped that more people would be okay with me being Muslim, but I lost many friends due to this decision. One of …

Two Muslims Make History in Belgium Elections

LEUVEN, Northern-Brabant – Sarah Mohamed Khalif and Mohamed Ridouani have made history this October 14 in Belgium after winning seats for Leuven city council member and Leuven mayor respectively. Khalif, who is also the first ever Somali woman to take political office in the country, was voted in to represent Belgium Socialist Party (SPA) as the …

Belgium King Shares Iftar with Moroccan Family

ing Philippe of Belgium shared iftar with a Moroccan family living in Ghent, Belgium Monday evening, starting the meal with dates as per the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Brussels Mosque Hosts Christmas Dinner

The main mosque in Molenbeek district of Brussels hosted intercultural Christmas dinner on Sunday, December 18, in a unique gathering attended by hundreds of residents.

Flemish Belgians Say Muslims Enrich Society

A survey suggested to measure support for a Muslim ban from Belgium has backfired, showing a slight minority supporting it and the majority praising Muslim immigrants’ role in enriching society.

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