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How Can We Prepare Our Hearts for Ramadan? - About Islam

How Can We Prepare Our Hearts for Ramadan?

Short Answer:For starters, as always, we must make intention, orniyah, for welcoming Ramadan.Just as you would get excited for the upcoming visit of a good friend or loved one, get excited for the arrival of Ramadan.There is no room in our hearts for Allah if we continually stuff everything else in there to fill the …

Prophet Prepare

How Did The Prophet Prepare for Ramadan?

Short Answer:Prophet Muhammad used to fast a lot during the month of Sha’ban. TheProphet encouraged Muslims around him to increase in worship during Ramadan,beforeit actually arrived, by mentioning the extra rewards for doing good deeds during it. He tried to motivate them in advance. _____________________________________ Salam AbdulRaheem, Thank you for sending in your question to …

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