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Beautiful Patience

What is Beautiful Patience?

Many of us desire the quick-fix. We look at all the great problems around us and may feel hopeless. Perhaps in our spiritual journey, we feel that we are not progressing as we like, and so we give up. We may get angry at a bad behavior of people. But any victory must come with patience.

Forgiveness From the Heart – Scholars Remind us

Forgiveness from the Heart (Spiritual Posts)

Forgiveness from the heart may be hard; but it’s well worth it. In our daily life, we may get hurt by a relative, a friend or a colleague. Somebody may say a bad word behind us or ill-treat us. We may have the ability to respond and reciprocate. But let’s remember that there is a …

Patience With Tests & The Journey to Allah

Patience With Tests on The Journey to Allah

This step of the journey means that you learn patience. All the Prophets had gone through trials so that they learn patience. The word that Prophet Jacob mentioned in chapter Yusuf, “a beautiful patience”.

Powerful Advice from Allah During Trials and Tests

Powerful Advice from Allah During Trials and Tests

The one major mechanism to overcome those tests and trials is patience. Seek Allah’s help when you face the calamities, when you have any problems. Life is difficult, you need help, what help are you going to get?

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