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Praying to and Honoring the Shaheed of Badr

Short Answer: There is nothing in Islam which suggests that living people can “summon” the souls of the dead. In fact, all the references which we have to souls coming to the world after having left it, are in the form of dreams. None of these accounts areSahih. Dreams can be of three types: true, …

Did the Prophet Cause the Battle of Badr? (In Depth)

Did the Prophet Cause the Battle of Badr? (In Depth)

Critics accuse the Prophet Muhammad of raiding pagan caravans that passed by Madinah and provoking the Battle of Badr. In this folder, you’ll be able to closely examine the events and facts about what really happened.

Who Are the Prophet's Companions - About Islam

Who Are the Prophet's Companions

Who are the Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)? What did it take to be included among this highly esteemed category? In this video we learn about the definition of Sahaba or Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, their categories and qualifications and their merits. Not all the Sahabah are of the …

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