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Muslim Kids and Autism: Help on the Way

Once when five-year-old Gabreel and his family were at a bookstore in the United States, Gabreel pushed a girl. The girl’s angry mother began hitting Gabreel repeatedly and even told Gabreel’s father that his son was wrong to hit her daughter.

Individualized Education Program for My Autistic Son?

Individualized Education Program for My Autistic Son?

In this counseling answer: “Unless you have developed a parent-teacher-supervisor relationship, writing a letter to someone questioning their responsibilities when they do not know you very well will make them a bit nervous.” As salamu ‘alaykum dear father, I am sorry to hear about the circumstances that you find yourself in pertaining to your son. Far …

Should I Disclose My Mental Illness to Others?

Should I Disclose My Mental Illness to Others?

In this counseling answer: Disclosing mental illnesses to others might be difficult, but can make things easier for the individual by being in the presence of others more often. Gaining social support either through work or visiting family or friends can ease the burden of having a mental illness. Potentially, social support can protect …

Autism, Ramadan and Muslim Communities

Ramadan is a sacred month for Muslims around the world. Every year, observers anticipate and engage in spiritually uplifting individual and communal worship. Gathering at the local mosque becomes a family affair and involves people of all backgrounds and ages.

US Muslims Talk About Autism

Marking World Autism Awareness Day, Muslim social worker and radio host Fatima Salman spoke with guests on her show “Between the Lines” about autism, encouraging Muslim communities to become more cognizant of the issues and needs of their fellow Muslims on the spectrum.

Doubting Allah Because of My Autistic Brother

Doubting Allah Because of My Autistic Brother

Answer: Wa ‘Alaikum As-Salaam dear sister, You are a very dedicated sister and daughter, and I can tell that you love your family very much. You are a very aware young woman with great intuition. You intuitively recognized that your depression is normal – and it is. It is a natural grief process. It is …

10-Year-Old Autistic Boy Memorizes Qur’an

A ten-year-old Palestinian boy with autism has succeeded in studying and memorizing the entire holy book of Qur’an, setting an example for people suffering from autism worldwide.

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