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Author Signs Books at Black Muslim Landmark

NEW YORK – Black Muslim author and entrepreneur, Ameenah Diggins-Muhammad met fans of her book Bashirah and The Amazing Bean Pie at the American Muslim landmark Abu’s Homestyle Bakery for a special reading and signing on Wednesday, October 28. Diggns-Muhammad’s children’s book features Bashirah, a young African American Muslim girl who is preparing for diversity …

6 Proofs that Muhammad Couldn't Have Authored the Quran

There are many incidents in which the Prophet was reproached by God. The logical question here is why would the Prophet make up these verses? Even if someone had instructed him to include these verses, why would he run the risk of damaging his image?

This Muslim Writer Gives Voice to Young Hijabis

VIRGINIA – Maryam Durrani, a young author from Virginia, is a child prodigy who wrote her first book at the age of 13, making her one of the youngest authors in America. After her first novel, Assassin, she published the sequel, Ascendant, at 17. She has now followed it up with the final book in …

Who Authored the Quran?

Who Authored the Quran?

There is internal evidence within the Quran that Muhammad was not its author. Several verses criticized him, and were on occasion strongly worded. How can an imposter prophet blame himself when it may run him into the danger of losing the respect, perhaps following, of his followers?

Remembering Dr. Taha Jabir al-Alwani (1935 to March 4, 2016)

Remembering Dr. Taha Jabir Al-Alwani (1935 to March 4, 2016)

The news of the passing away of Dr. Taha Jabir al-Alwani reminded me of the words of Imam Hasan al-Basari: “The death of a prominent scholar leaves a vacuum which is hard to fill.” Dr. Alwani was not an ordinary scholar; rather, he was a luminary—a pioneer and visionary whose contributions to Islamic thought and …

Dr. Taha Al-Alwani Passes Away

Dr. Taha Al-Alwani Passes Away (Scholars Posts)

After a long journey of intellectual and academic contribution; a journey that spanned decades of tireless efforts in writing, research, teaching, authoring and activism, prominent scholar and intellectual, Dr. Taha Jabir Al-Alwani passed away on Friday, March 4, 2016 at the age of 81. Dr. Al-Alwani participated as a founder and as a member in …

In Memory of Mr. Idris‏ Tawfiq

The British Muslim Gentleman We Will Miss Read for Br. Tawfiq What Do Christians Believe About God? Are Non-Muslims Welcome When Visiting Mosques? Young and Muslim: How Can I Lead a Balanced Life? Where’s the Love in Islam? What are the Benefits of the Five Daily Prayers? I met brother Idris for the first …

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