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Unbelievable Facts About Earth (Infograph)

Planet Earth is the third planet from the Sun, the densest planet in the Solar System, the largest of the Solar System’s four terrestrial planets, and the only celestial body known to accommodate life.


How Small Are You to Universe?

In 1995, scientists pointed the Hubble Telescope at an area of the sky near the Big Dipper. The location was apparently empty, and the whole endeavor was risky. What, if anything, was going to show up? But what came back was nothing short of spectacular; an image of over 1,500 galaxies glimmering in a tiny …

Uzbekistan Solar Oven Distance

World's 2nd Largest Solar Furnace in Muslim Lands

The solar power is an important source of renewable energy. Its technologies are either passive solar or active solar. In fact, these categories of solar technologies depend on how they capture and distribute solar energy or convert it into solar power. Solar furnacesare one of these solar technologies which use concentrated solar power to produce …

Hijri Year

When Will Be New Hijri Year 1439?

The Hijri New Year is the day that marks the beginning of a new Islamic calendar year. This first day of the year is the first day of Muharram. The Hijri calendarstartsin the year 622 AD with the emigration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina, known as the Hijra. In fact, Muslim use this …

When Will 30 Pre-Ramadan Days Start?

When Will 30 Pre-Ramadan Days Start?

Sha’ban is the 8th month of the Hijri Calendar. The months of this lunar calendar start when the first crescent of a new moon is sighted. Since the Hijri calendar year is 11 to 12 days shorter than the solar year, Sha’ban migrates throughout the seasons like the other eleven Hijri months. The month is …


Do You Believe Space Missions Are Waste of Money?

AboutIslam’s official Facebook page highlighted a post about a really itching issue that draws a dull-face for astronomers and causes severe headaches for them every time they talk about their field to public.

Broadcasting Free Internet from Outer Space! - About Islam

Broadcasting Free Internet from Outer Space!

It is only a matter of time when all of us will have a free internet access throughout the entire globe. Imagine not paying for your internet, being able to access it from anywhere without having to worry about the cost and accessibility; sounds unreal? The day is not far. An ambitious project being bankrolled …

Know When 2nd Hijri Month Starts in Your Location - About Islam

Know When 2nd Hijri Month Starts in Your Location

When will the month of Safar, the second month of the Hijri Calendar, start where you live? Like all the other Hijri lunar months, the month of Safar spans over 29 or 30 days; and for that reason we conduct the lunar astronomical observations and calculate the lunar months to know their exact dates every …

When Will Hajj & Eid Occur This Year? - About Islam

When Will Hajj & Eid Occur This Year?

Astronomical observations have shown that the Old Crescent Moon (End of Dhul-Qidah 1437 AH), has taken place today on August 31, 2016. These observations have proved the correctness of astronomical calculations which expects that the Astronomical New Moon (Conjunction) of the new Hijri month of Dhul-Hijjah will take place tomorrow on September 1, 2016 (Thursday) …

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