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Were All Prophets Arab? Arabic the "Language of Heaven?"

Short Answer: No, not all Prophets were from among the Arabs, and no, Arabic is not the “language of Heaven.” It’s easy to assume such considering how many prophets in recorded history were Arab, but God says he sent all people a warner from among their own people before Prophet Muhammad, who was the final prophet for …


Expel Jews and Christians from Arabia?

Salam Sister, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. We are sad to read that you left Islam for things that seem to be contradictory. First let’s agree that Islam is different from what Muslims do. Islam does not need beautification. And Islam has a solution for all problems. The problem …

The Smile That Changed My Life

I was thinking “who is this guy?” He left me with this cash. I could just take it and leave and he’d never catch me. Then I started thinking about why he wasn’t worried about his money. What is it that was so important that he left his money to a stranger?

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