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10 Years of Acute OCD, Anxiety, and Depression

10 Years of Acute OCD, Anxiety, and Depression

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaikumdear sister, I’m sorry to hear that you have been suffering with acuteOCD, anxiety, anddepressionfor the past 10 years without much progress. However, I am relieved to know that you have been taking medication: this is a difficult thing to do. Regarding your statement about Islamic proof: The Quran or hadith do not …

Sudden Fear Makes Me Lose Focus

Sudden Fear Makes Me Lose Focus

Answer: Wa ‘Alaikum Salaam, It sounds like you are having problems with anxiety. Alhamdulilah, you say it has reduced, but it is still having an impact on your life and is, therefore, causing you distress. There are many ways to help manage and overcome such feelings. The first and most important thing is to ask …

Blessed Success - About Islam

Blessed Success

Do not forget that life is one big test. Just like it is necessary for you to pass your tests at school, you are going to have to pass that big test as well. That exam is as long as your life and the results only come out at the very end…

How to Find Happiness? - About Islam

How to Find Happiness?

There was a western author who went to live among the Arab desert dwellers… He said: “I learned from the desert Arabs how to overcome anxiety.” Those Muslims believe in Allah’s decree and determination of all things. They live their lives with a sense of security. However…

The Psychology of Happiness - About Islam

The Psychology of Happiness

After spending my youth searching for happiness in self-centered activities, and only finding emptiness, I came to Islam. And through my faith, I shifted my focus from helping myself to helping others, from wanting more to being thankful for what I have, from pleasing myself to pleasing my Creator.

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