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Useful Strategies to Overcome Your Fear, Guilt, and Anxiety

Useful Strategies to Overcome Fear, Guilt, and Anxiety

In this counseling answer: • Reframe your perception of the trauma. • Ask yourself how likely is this to actually happen when worrying. • Remind yourself it is all the will of Allah (swt). • Find 3 positive coping skills that can help you during emotional moments. Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu, Thank you …

7 Ways To Mitigate Your Anxiety from Social Media

7 Ways to Mitigate Your Anxiety from Social Media

It’s pretty easy to feel anxiety from social media these days. For anyone with a smartphone, information overload seems to have become the default setting. Apps and websites are competing for your time, attention, and dopamine (the neurotransmitter responsible for making your brain anticipate a potential reward). “Get addicted to us!” They scream. We’re flashy …

Speaking difficulties

My Daughter Has Difficulties Speaking Clearly

In this counseling answer: •I would kindly suggest that you take her out somewhere calm and nice, perhaps lunch or dinner and talk with her about some of your experiences when you were her age. •Share with her times that maybe you felt awkward and shy, or even fearful and how you overcame it. •Please do assure …

Malaria Caused Me Anxiety, Depression & OCD

Malaria Caused Me Anxiety, Depression & OCD

In this counseling answer: I highly recommend that you seek out counseling as only a therapist can diagnose you with Depression, Anxiety Disorder and OCD. In regards to OCD and intrusive thoughts, it is more helpful to address the mechanisms that maintain it because this is the key to overcoming the problem. OCD is kept going by a …

Want A Successful Interview? Do These 9 Steps!

Want A Successful Interview? Do These 9 Steps!

In this counseling answer: • If at any point you are going to harm yourself, please immediately notify your family or contact the local hospital, or dial your local suicide hotline. • You only fail if you stop trying. • Write all of this down so you have a visual reminder of your short term …

Help Me Find My Inner Peace!

In this counseling answer: •As you grow and age, you will realize that perfection is not a destination; it is a journey. •Allah saved you from committing suicide. Can He then not ease your social anxiety? •Congratulate yourself on your accomplishment. •Get strong, find your peace before thinking of getting married. •Find your passion. •Set …

Can’t Pray or Fast? 5 Ways to Optimize Ramadan

Can't Pray or Fast? 5 Ways to Optimize Ramadan

The fact that your heart yearns to worship Allah, to fast, to pray the long nights is in and of itself an act of worship for which Allah is giving you reward. The fact that you feel like you are missing out might in fact be giving you a lot of rewards without you even understanding it…

Ramadan: I Feel I Don't Do My Best

Ramadan: I Feel I Don't Do My Best

In this counseling answer: • Creating a plan can be an incredibly useful way to get the most of this month. • Make sure the goal you set yourself is achievable. • Try putting your plan somewhere you will see, like on the fridge. • Remember to manage your time around other tasks. Wa ‘Alaikum Salaam …

Social Obligations Wear Me Out

Social Obligations Wear Me Out

In this counseling answer: •Let him know you feel tired, or not want to socialize that much as it mentally drains you. You prefer some alone time during the week, or the constant need to socialize is draining you physically and you are not being as productive at home. •Do not feel the need to …

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