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Why Are Conversions Increasing with Terrorist Activity?

Why is Converting to Islam Still on the Rise?

I’ve noticed in my extensive research of Muslim converts, that just about every single one of them did extensive research which included reading the Quran, most often the entire Quran, sometimes several times over before coming to a decision.

Anti-Muslim Senator Loses Seat in Australian Parliament

The anti-immigration politician egged by a teenage boy earlier this year has lost his seat in the Australian parliament following the country’s federal election, NBC News reported. “Fraser Anning goes back to where he came from … he won’t be in the Parliament,” said ABC News commentator Antony Green. Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman called it …

'This Isn't My City': Edmontonians Reject Anti-Muslim Rally

EDMONTON – A hate rally planned in Edmonton, Canada, on Tuesday has triggered condemnations from Muslims, activists, and city councilor who rejected the far-right anti-Muslim rhetoric. “Hate and division have no place in this province or this country, for that matter, and we are appalled by this development,” the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council president …

Massachusetts Muslims Choose Love over Hate

STOUGHTON, Mass. – Hurt by a neighboring synagogue’s decision to host three Islamophobes and anti-Muslim hate group leader, Massachusetts Muslims organized a special “Choose Love Over Hate” event to offer free hugs and donuts to members of other faith groups. “The Quran tells Muslims to ‘repel evil by that which is better,’ and here we’re …

Sydney Muslims Blast Islamophobic Attack on Church

Dressed in mock Islamic attire, a group of anti-Muslim protesters violated the sanctity of an Australian Anglican church after they disrupted Sunday mass in a “racist stunt” which traumatized the congregation.

I’m Not Afraid of Death Anymore

I had a lot of the theology and the knowledge but I had never experienced it. I had never gone to a mosque and experienced, it but I have a lot of Muslim friends and even had a Muslim partner in the police force that explained a lot to me.

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