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The Extractors of the Souls - Lessons From the Quran

The Extractors of the Souls: Lessons From the Quran

The Extractors is one of the short chapters, only 46 verses, found towards the end of the Quran and was revealed in Makkah. The Makkans of the time emphatically denied the Resurrection thus The Extractor’s subject matter confirms the Day of Resurrection…

The Angels Take Your Soul To The Heavens And It Is Greeted By Angels

What happens to your soul when you die? The angels take your soul to the Heavens and it is greeted by Angels. They will ask, who’s beautiful soul is this? Once the body has been prepared for burial Allah commands the angels to return the soul back to be questioned in the grave.

What Do Muslims Believe About Angels?

What Do Muslims Believe About Angels?

Angels belong to a level of existence beyond the perceptible world of phenomena, called `alam al-ghayb. As God’s creatures living within the physical world of mundane reality, we humans cannot overstep its confines; nor can we visualize beings that exist outside of it.

Hadith - The Angels Of Gatherings

The job of some angels is to find gatherings. These gatherings are were people are sat together discussing and remembering Allah! SubhanAllah!

How Were Angels Created

How Were Angels Created?

Belief in angels is an extremely important part of our Islamic faith. We must understand how angels were created and what their purpose is.

When The Angels Whisper

Angels have a share over you as well have Shaytan. When the angels whisper they encourage man to do good deeds and believe in the truth.

The Angels Of Asr & Fajr

Allah said that angels work shifts to watch over us, one set in the day and one set in the night. What makes the angels of Asr and Fajr so important? Watch this!

Angels and Thunder

About Angels and Thunder in the Quran

Short Answer: The Quran is a book of divine guidance to those who seek to live a good and meaningful life here on earth. God mentions angels and thunder in the Quran. Science does not speak of angels, but only of the effects produced by the angels in scientific terms. That does not rule out the …

Do We Have Guardian Angels?

We know that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has Angel Jibril to guard him when he came to any harm. But the question is do we have guardian angels to protect us in this life? Sheikh Omar Suleiman discusses.

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