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Muslims Fighting Domestic Violence Face Many Challenges

Muslims Fighting Domestic Violence - A Success Story

Fighting domestic violence is acritical need within our communities, though is still grossly under addressed. Its causes and effects are often ignored, the needed sincere and open discussions about solutions are scarce in most communities. Resources for affected families are limited, and many community leaders are still ill-equipped to deal with domestic abuse in their …

When Muslims Pull Fellow Muslims Away from Religion

When Muslims Pull Fellow Muslims Away from Religion

One might think that the biggest influence that pulls Muslim away from their deen is non-Muslims. However, for many Muslims the enemy is within; it is their own brothers and sisters in faith who make them question their beliefs and compromise their values.

Islamophobia & the Modern Psychological Battle of Badr

Islamophobia & the Modern Psychological Battle of Badr

Throughout history, Muslims have lived in oppressive and discriminatory conditions at one time or another. In the early days of Islam and the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Muslims were mostly taunted and discriminated against and often the target of harassment. However, when Muslims were forced to engage in their first battle, the battle of Badr, many …

The enemy within

The Enemy Within

Maya was a convert to Islam. It had taken her a great deal of courage to start wearing a modest Islamic wardrobe, including a headscarf. She was the only one in her family and circle of friends who dressed that way. It made her feel like an outsider almost everywhere she went. It had felt …

Suhaib Webb: What Makes a Muslim Leader

Suhaib Webb: What Makes a Muslim Leader

What does the ideal Muslim leader look like? When does a leader take initiative and when is it better to take the back seat? How does one continue work in the midst of burnout? Why should Muslim youth invest in developing their skills and talents? Why is it especially important at this time? Join Imam …

done Muslims

Convert: I Am Totally Fed-Up With Muslims

Short answer:Your concerns and feelings are valid; There are definitely major problems in the Muslim community. But we are one body: cutting yourself off from them solves nothing, and harms both yourself and them in the short and long-term, and it pleases Satan immensely. Salaam Alaykum waRahmat Allah Dearest sister, I really ask Allah to …

US Muslims Seek Faith Inspired Transformation - About Islam

US Muslims Seek Faith Inspired Transformation

The Islamic Society of North America recently held one of its regional conferences in St. Louis, Missouri, with most of the discussion focused on inward reflection and taking personal and collective responsibility for the Islamic global community

Is Anti-Americanism Due to Envy? - About Islam

Is Anti-Americanism Due to Envy?

This response is from About Islam’s archive and was originally published at an earlier date. Salam(Peace) Adam, Thank you for your message and for contacting Ask About Islam. Well, first allow me to comment on the use of the phrase “Islamic–backed terrorism”. It implies that Islam as a religion, backs terrorism. Here, I fully disagree …

Teenage, White, American, & Muslim? - About Islam

Teenage, White, American, & Muslim?

Salam(Peace) Daniel, Thank you for contacting Ask About Islam with your question. The short answer to your question is absolutely yes. Islam is a religion that is meant for all people of all ages and races. It is not only for Arabs. Indeed, the majority of Muslims in the world are not Arabs. In fact, …

Muslims Demand Justice for Murdered Youth - About Islam

Muslims Demand Justice for Murdered Youth

The mysterious ‘execution-style’ killings of Muslim young men in Indiana is casting its shadows on the American Muslim community, who urged the investigators to conduct a full and comprehensive investigation to bring justice to the families of the deceased.

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