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On The Prophet's Family: Fatimah and Ali

Short Answer: For Muslims, Fatimah is regarded as a loving daughter, mother, wife, and exemplar for all women. After Khadijah, Fatimah is seen as the leader of all women in Paradise. When she reached maturity, she was betrothed to the young Ali, the cousin of the Prophet. In so short an account, we can do little but mention …

Do You Know What is Tasbih Fatimah? The Dua to Boost Your Energy!

What is Tasbih Fatimah? The Dua to Boost Your Energy!

One time Fatimah went to complain her husband, Ali, about how exhausting and tiring the housework has become on her. Ali and Fatimah were very poor actually. Unlike many other homes, they had no money to afford to have a servant or a maid to help out in the housework.

Fatimah - The Favorite Daughter of the Prophet

Story of Fatimah - The Favorite Daughter of the Prophet

Fatimah cared for the needy, giving them food when she was already suffering from hunger. She often cooked for the soldiers and helped to boost morale. She inherited the great generosity of the Prophet as well as his eloquence, as she often moved people to tears when she spoke.

You Have To Develop This Amazing Habit!

You Have to Develop This Amazing Habit!

Abu Hanifah, every time he spent any money on his family or on himself, he would give out for the sake of Allah similar amount. Like he brought his family groceries and, let’s say, it cost him two hundred dollars, he would take another two hundred dollars and give it for the sake of Allah.

How to Deal with Different Sects of Islam?

How to Deal with Different Sects of Islam?

These differences have been with the Ummah for a thousand and four hundred years. Do you think that our hatred together will eliminate this? No. We’re going to have this. Let’s be pragmatic and realistic. These schisms and sects will remain no matter what we want.

Ali - The First Child to Convert to Islam

Ali was present at the birth of Islam. He knew what it was like to have a family divided over religion. His struggle to commit to the new religion in the face of enmity was real and no doubt he felt the same strong emotions that those who convert to Islam today feel…

8 Children in the Company of the Prophet

Prophet Muhammad was known of being very kind and affectionate towards children. He used to carry them, kiss them, and even weep when they died… Ever since the very beginning of the Islamic call, many children were bright and influential during the lifetime of the Prophet…

The Companions of the Prophet in Sunni Islam

Asalamu Alaikum Syed,  Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. I can tell from your tone and use of titles of respect that you have an open mind to the Sunni position regarding the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him-PBUH). Perhaps one of the most valuable tools that Allah Almighty …

The Wise Mentor & the Enthusiastic Companion

“The most compassionate of my Community towards my Community is Abu Bakr; the staunchest in Allah’s Religion is Umar; the most truthful in his modesty is Uthman, and the best in judgment is Ali.”

How Did the Shi’a Begin? (Part 2)

Subsequent to the passing away of the Prophet, the people eventually elected Abu Bakr as their caliph and temporal leader. The office was purely a political matter, not a religious one…

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