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Animal models serve as the subjects of choice in some experiments, because, in most cases, the same mechanisms work at the molecular level for humans.

Role of Alcohol in Inducing Cancer

We often see the alcohol industry’s enticing advertisements and the media’s hyperbole telling us: “Wine Is Good for You.” What is frequently overlooked is that it may have some good effects, but its bad effects far outweigh the good. In a response to a query about alcohol, the Qur’an says: [They ask you concerning wine …

My Wife’s Alcoholism Causes Problems in Our Marriage

My Wife’s Alcohol Addiction Causes Problems in Our Marriage

In this counseling answer: “I can advise you to continue to be supportive of her efforts, yet set up boundaries within this support. Try reconnecting her to the Islamic community and encourage her to develop a closer relationship with Allah. Connect your children with other Muslim children and take care of yourself as well. However, if your wife …

Gamble wrong

Why Can't Muslims Gamble? What's Wrong With It?

Short Answer: Because gambling is an “abomination, of Satan’s handiwork”, according to God’s words in the Quran. It is a violation of justice, a waste of God’s blessings, it’s addictive, it incites hatred & envy, it often goes hand-in-hand with alcohol, it leads to laziness, it feeds greed, and it makes one never satisfied with …

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