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Old Testament Prophecy

Old Testament Prophecy: Third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem?

Short Answer:The Quran views the Jews and Christians as Muslims (i.e. those who submit to God’s will), i.e. IF they obey the Law of God. This points to the fundamental truth that is exemplified in the present dilemma in Jerusalem. If the Jews, Christians and Muslims – that is their leaders and scholars – can …


Are Mosques an Integral Part of Islam?

Short Answer:The mosque is the most important building in Islam.It is said that mosques are the houses of Allah and Allah will honor those who visit them.In mosques, Muslim get purified from selfishness and greed. In mosques, Muslims leave out worldly business and think about the Hereafter. …………. Salam dear Dr Jahoorahmad Z Patankar, Thank …

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