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Seize The 5 Opportunities Before They Are Gone - About Islam

Seize The 5 Opportunities Before They Are Gone

Allah has given us 5 gifts and we must seize the 5 opportunities before they are gone. What are these 5 opportunities? Health, wealth, youth, life and age. Ask Allah to grant you to use it before it is taken away.


Famous Agnostic Sheds Light on Islamic Golden Age

It was a moment in history when the Islamic civilization opened its doors to new ideas from the East and from the West. In fact, the confident Muslims took these ideas and remolded them in a uniquely Islamic mold. Out of this caldron came Islamic art, architecture, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, music, philosophy and ethics.The …

Muslim Genius Teen Receives Apple Contract & Scholarship

Muslim Genius Teen Receives Apple Contract & Scholarship

An Eritrean teenager has developed a mathematical theory that associates a person’s phone number with their age, awarding him a signing fee of US$30 million dollars to work with Apple after he graduates. For thousands of years many influential Muslims have made notable contributions to the field of mathematics. One of the earliest was from …

Aisha’s Marriage in Focus - About Islam

Aisha’s Marriage in Focus

The practice of marrying early was not an aberration to the people during the time of Prophet Muhammad and Aisha. Christians, Jews, and pagans all married very young. So if we are going to criticize Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha, why don’t we have a problem with King John of England marrying 12-year-old Isabella of Angoulême?

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