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Life After Ramadan - Productivity is Key

Imams' Tips for Life After Ramadan

Allah says, in the Qur’an that Ramadan was prescribed on us in the hope that we gain piousness (Al-Baqarah 2:183). Did we achieve that goal or was fasting just a habit? It is never too late to change our route. What do we do with our life after Ramadan? For those who feel that they …

Lord of Ramadan.. Lord of the Entire Year

Lord of Ramadan.. Lord of the Entire Year

Ramadan is now over. Our eyes shed tears and our hearts ache for the departure of the month of the Qur’an, the month of  mercy, the month of solidarity, the month of forgiveness, the month of freedom from the Fire. However, we should continue doing good deeds after Ramadan since the Lord of Ramadan is …

Would You Love to Have a Ramadan Extension?

Would You Love to Have a Ramadan Extension?

“She embraced Islam just before the month of Ramadan. I told her that Islam requires her to fast and she was ready for that. At the end of Ramadan she told me that she is sad. Why? The reason is that she will miss the sweetness of Ramadan,” The Imam recounts in this Khutbah. Many …

10+ Fatwas About Fasting 6 Days of Shawwal

10+ Fatwas About Fasting 6 Days of Shawwal and More

Once Ramadan is over, several questions arise fasting 6 days of Shawwal as well as other post-Ramadan issues. We collected for you 11 questions that you may need answers for during this month. Learn about: the ruling of fasting 6 days of Shawwal; having double intention of fast; whether its a must to fast them consecutively …

Ramadan Ends

What Happens Once Ramadan Ends?

Short Answer: Keep the Quran fresh in your heart and mind. Don’t put it aside when Ramadan ends. We need to ponder over the meanings of the Quranic text so that we know what the message of God is for us. We also need to be sure that we’re applying the Book in our daily lives. So make …

Stay on Track After Ramadan (Special Page)

Stay on Track After Ramadan (Special Page)

As we return to our normal life and regular routine after Ramadan, how can we benefit from the spiritual recharge we had during the blessed month? This question is the focus of the special page Stay on Track After Ramadan Find useful tips, strategies and resources that will help you be better than you used …

10 Special Offers After Ramadan

10 Special Offers After Ramadan

The month of Ramadan was a chance to taste the sweetness of worship and drawing nearer to Allah. It also broke the psychological barrier between us and many acts of worship that seem difficult in regular days. Ramadan proved that fasting is not that difficult thing even in the scorching heat of the summer. Standing …

Post Ramadan

How to Maintain the Ramadan Spirit Post Ramadan?

Short Answer:  We need to work on the spiritual, intellectual and physical dimensions to be wholly in connection, submission and remembrance of our Creator. Ramadan is a training period that helps us gain taqwa. Now that Ramadan is over, it’s time to show Allah that we have learned something. Please check the suggestions below for more details. _____________________________________ …

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