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What's after hajj

Useful Resources for Better Life After Hajj

Muslim pilgrims are leaving Makkah after finishing one of the greatest pillars of Islam, Hajj. Now what? What’s after Hajj. This page will offer you important tips for a better life after Hajj.

Common Mistakes After Hajj

Common Mistakes After Hajj

After finishing the rites of Hajj, a Muslim turns over a new leaf with Allah, full of hope that Allah has accepted his Hajj and granted him the grand prize, that is, being absolved of all previous sins. So, if you are blessed with performing Hajj this year, try to keep your record of deeds …

What's After Hajj? (Special Page)

What's After Hajj? (Special Page)

Hajj is over. Now what’s after Hajj? How should we benefit from this season in our whole life? Check our special page: WHAT’S AFTER HAJJ? The page includes useful topics, inspiring tips and  answers for post-Hajj questions.

Hajj Lessons to Take Home

Hajj Is Over... What Lessons to Take Home?

As the pilgrims have wrapped up their highly spiritual journey of Hajj, it is time to ponder over Hajj lessons that should be taken home. How daily life should be like following the performance of this great ritual of Islam? And how can Muslims, pilgrims and non-pilgrims alike, benefit from the deep meanings of this …

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