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Muslim Slaves Dedication to Islam

Stories of Muslim Slaves Dedication to Islam

What is interesting is that many accounts show that African slaves were strategically taken from different parts of Africa and different tribes so that they could not speak to one another and plan revolts or escape. However, where many white…

Pew Research African Americans Find Haven in Islamic Heritage

Pew Research: African Americans Find Haven in Islamic Heritage

CAROLINA – According to a recent Pew Research report, which concluded its findings last month, most black Americans though identify with Christianity, many of them follow Islam and reconvert to the faith of their ancestors from various religions, Post And Courier reported on February 17. “The first Muslims that came to America were enslaved Africans,” …

Black & American- Islam Gave Me Hope

My Memories - Being Black American Muslim

For African-American folks that are Muslim, we’re little more scattered, so there’s not a community if you will. There have been times over the years where there’s been communities that have been started, but for whatever reason folks chose to go their own ways.


15 Wisdom Quotes on Racism By Black and African-Americans

Muslim & non-Muslim African-American celebrities from different fields summing up their experiences being of a black color in this country. ♦1-“You can’t have capitalism without racism.” Malcolm X ♦2- “Concerning non-violence: it is criminal to teach a man not to defend himself when he is the constant victim of brutal attacks.” Malcolm X ♦3- “Even …

Honoring Bilal - The Black Companion of the Prophet Muhammad

Honoring Bilal - The Black Companion of the Prophet Muhammad

Bilal was the son of an Arab man, Rabah, and a Black princess, Hamamah. They were important members of their community before being taken as slaves to Makkah. There, Bilal was born and grew up as a slave. Because of his intelligence and strength…

5 Lessons from Malcolm X Life

5 Lessons from Malcolm X Life

Malcolm X, one of the symbols of the black struggle in America, has become an icon of freedom and human rights for Americans, African Americans, and Muslim Americans. In this article, I share some reflections on the story of Malcolm from a personal perspective. I refrained as much as I could from talking about political …

The African struggle

The African Struggle: A Look Back and a Look Forward

The African Struggle continues to be thought about around the world by Africans and African descendants. While I have religious and non-religious reasons why I think black heroes deserve the spotlight daily, at the grassroots level, and that attention on these unsung heroes should not be restricted to a specific month, I know that the …

How to Forgive My Abusive Parents & the Muslim Community?

How to Forgive My Abusive Parents & the Muslim Community?

In this counseling answer: When parents are abusive and have their own mental health issues, the counselor suggests family therapy that involve all members of the family as well as making a family time wherein parents and children read the Quran together. The counselor also encourages to think of all the good the parents did …


#OurThreeBrothers: Do You See Us Black Muslims Now?

Where were non-Black Muslims at #BlackLivesMatter protests? As if the original Muslims in the United States were not Black. As if the original Arabs were not Black. We expect allies but oppress other groups for our own liberation.


“My Fellow African Americans, We Are Royal”

“You are a royal. You come from a royal background,” the Spruce Street neighborhood boys were told in Smitty’s barbershop when they came in for their weekly haircuts. With these words, the lives of these young African American males were impacted forever. They were inspired to think about themselves in a way that was broader …

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