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Never Say Goodbye to the Black Box

Some people may imagine that the importance of the Black Box has declined recently, particularly after the frequent failure of investigations into the causes of some aircraft crashes. But specialists continue to insist on its important role in determining the causes of the majority of air accidents, which have been on the increase lately. The …

The Robert Davila - An Inspirational Story

The moment I looked at the man, I knew it was Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet pointed at my cross (In the dream, it looked like a life-size cross) and said: “Look at the Prophet Jesus, he eats food like us, he walks like us, he even uses the restroom like us. He’s human not God.”

Amazed by My Father's "Cool" Muslim Guests

My classmates changed from making jokes to asking serious question about Islam and they noticed that Islam is not a religion like the other religions. They noticed Islam is cool! They see that we Muslims have manners in dealing with each other.

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