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Accepting Islam

Why Are So Many People Accepting Islam?

Short Answer:The main attractive aspects of Islam are its concept of One God, theauthenticity of its book- the Quran– its concept of reward, and its universality. What you would get out of Islam is inner peace and tranquility for finding the Truth and following God’s Straight Path, which leads to a happy life in this …

Accepting Islam

Accepting Islam: From Heart to Tongue

Short Answer:If she believes at heart, then she should start embarking on a beautiful journey of learning and connecting with her Creator.All she needs to do is to utter theshahadah(the testimony of faith). It is simple and easy. She can utter it on her tongue, while making sure she believes it deep in her heart, …

An American and a Muslim

Converting to Islam: An American and a Muslim?

Short Answer:I assure you that you will have fantastic days ahead of you.I could also assure you that you will be tested.Islam has a core of faith matters, acts of worship and morals.But beyond that, people from every culture adapt to Islam in their own special way based on their background. _____________________________________ SalamDear Michael, Thank …

Is It True that Accepting Islam Wipes All Past Sins?

Is It True that Accepting Islam Wipes All Past Sins?

Short Answer:The generosity of Allah Almighty is limitless. He opens His doors of forgiveness and rewards to anyone who seeks Him sincerely and He never holds one accountable to that which was done in ignorance before knowing and committing to His path. So yes, indeed as you rightly said, when a person accepts Islam all …

Keeping Bonds with Non-Muslim Parents - 4 Tips

How to Keep Bonds with Non-Muslim Parents? 4 Tips

Old friends are replaced by new ones and old habits are turned into more beneficial activities, but what about parents and family who didn’t accept Islam? Are they to be discarded? The Prophet (peace be upon him) was always kind to his family and relatives…

Was I Ready To Give Up Drinking

Was I Ready To Give Up Drinking?

Ryan is from the Philippines. He learnt about Islam through friends. He questioned himself of whether he was ready to give up drinking and eating pork before accepting Islam.

Islam About

What Is Islam All About?

Salam(Peace) Musanna, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. It is a question which many people are asking due to the events taking place around the world. Contrary to popular belief, Islam is NOT a violent religion. Your own country, India, as well as others, testifies to that. Before, during, and …

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