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Struggle and the Path of Abraham

Struggle and the Path of Abraham

The message from Abraham’s life is simple- the love of Allah trumps all other loves- love for his wife, love for a son, love for life (interestingly all halal sources of love). He was willing to keep his wife and son in the middle of a desert, all because Allah asked Him to.

God Swears by the Sacred City of Makkah

Why Does God Swear by the Sacred City of Makkah?

This chapter opens with an oath. God swears by the city of Makkah. The people of Makkah are well aware of why an oath would be sworn by their city. They know that it is an important city in the midst of desolate mountains. They know that it is the place where Prophet Abraham restored the first ever House of God and they know that it sits in a barren valley where it is the only place of safety and security.

Abraham – The Father of Prophets

Abraham - The Father of Prophets

It was this pinnacle of the life of Abraham which was the completion of his purpose: the building of a place of worship for all of humanity, not for any chosen race or color, for the worship of the One True God. Through the establishment of this house was the guarantee that God…

The Story of Prophet Abraham - A Call to Monotheism

Story of Prophet Abraham - A Call to Monotheism

The Quranic account is slightly different than what is mentioned in Judeo-Christian traditions, as they say for Abraham to have destroyed his father’s personal idols.[1] The Quran tells that he destroyed the idols of his people, kept at a religious altar…

Story of Prophet Abraham- The Father of Prophets

Story of Prophet Abraham: The Father of Prophets

In Islam, Abraham is seen as a strict monotheist who calls his people to the worship of God alone. For this belief, he bears great hardships, even disassociating himself with his family and people through migration to various lands. He is one who fulfills various commandments…

The Special Meeting in the Seventh Heaven

The Special Meeting in the Seventh Heaven

The seventh heaven is where Prophet Muhammad met Prophet Abraham; and indeed, he (Muhammad) must have been extremely happy and in a state of bliss, having been honored with this journey of wonders. Both Prophets exchanged greetings…

prophets lineage

Were All Prophets Direct Blood Descendants of Abraham?

Short Answer: No, not all prophets were direct blood descendants of Prophet Abraham. Lot, for example, lived during the same time period as Abraham, in a different land, and he came from the lineage of Prophet Noah. There are many prophets we are unaware of, but it’s very unlikely that someone like Buddha ever preached a …

God Become Man

Did God Become Man?

Short Answer:  Muslims believe the following about God (Allah): Allah is Unique and nothing is like unto Him. Allah cannot have a son. Allah has no incarnates. Allah is completely different from His creatures. Allah does not belong to any kind or race. Allah cannot marry or have children. Allah is Eternal, Immortal, and Everlasting. Allah …

From Hajj to Ashura- Remembering Prophets Abraham & Moses

From Hajj to Ashura: Remembering Prophets Abraham & Moses

When Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and his followers were nearly defeated, Allah’s Prophet did not doubt His promise. He trusted Allah so much, he knew deep inside that He would never let him down. When facing the sea and Pharaoh’s approaching…

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