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Celebrities & Islam in 2016 - About Islam

Celebrities & Islam in 2016

Many news about celebrities, Islam and Muslims have made headlines during the year 2016.
In this mini-file, we offer you a glimpse of the headlines that were most interesting to our readers during the year 2016, hoping you would enjoy them.

As a Page in History Turns, Time to Reflect

AboutIslam Top 10 News Articles in 2016

After a year full of developments on various levels from religion to politics, curtains have drawn to close 2016. During this year, many articles have stolen the spotlight and gripped the attention of our readers.

Social Media Hashtags… Muslims’ Voice in 2016 - About Islam

Social Media Hashtags… Muslims’ Voice in 2016

Facing many challenges in a traumatic year, waves of anti-Muslim hate speech, fear mongering and Islamophobia, Muslims resorted to online activism in 2016, spreading viral hashtags to speak for themselves.

World Hijabi Queens in 2016 - About Islam

World Hijabi Queens in 2016

As the world welcomes a new year, we in AboutIslam want to welcome 2017 by relating the Top Ten (in our opinion) inspiring stories of hijabi Muslims making history around the world in 2016.

Muslim Figures We Lost in 2016 - About Islam

Muslim Figures We Lost in 2016

2016 has seen a host of some of Muslim figures pass away.
From scholars and sportsmen to celebrities, we want to remember these well-known figures who are no longer with us.

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