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The World of Souls – Things You May Hear For the First Time

Do you realize that we were souls Allah has created, and He had created us from the back bone of Adam (peace be upon him)?

When He created Adam as one single person in his spine, Allah put the seeds of every single human being ever to come on this earth. All those were inside his spine, me and you, all of us, all the six billions. Because the ability of him having children, those children having children… it’s all in his spine.

From those seeds in Adam’s spine Allah created souls. So, what that meant is there were many souls Allah created and I was one and you’re one… And somewhere down the lines, Allah chose for me a body and He will choose for you a body. This is our first life.

Love of Souls

In fact, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) once told us that in this world when you actually see someone and you kind of recognize them but you don’t know where you saw them. You think: “I’ve seen you somewhere.” You can’t actually put in point where and you haven’t actually ever seen them on this earth…

Prophet Muhammad has alluded that it could be that we saw them as a soul in the world of souls, where we lived for thousands and hundreds of years…

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One day Allah will bring all the souls together and He asked me in your question which is in the Quran:

Am I not your provider that gives you everything you ever have?

Am I not the reason why you are surviving at this moment and you have everything you need?

And we say: “Of course we are witness to this.”

Then Allah turn around to us and said:

I’m saying this to you today lest one of you says to Me on the day of judgment that I wasn’t aware of this.

Or perhaps you will come on the Day of Judgment and you will say, ‘it was my parents’ fault, they were misguided and therefore I was misguided.’

Allah said already, don’t give me these excuses for the Day of Judgment.