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Why Am I Depressed? Where to Find Inner Peace?

Depression usually comes from being far from Allah. Anyone who is in love and you take them away from their loved one, what happens to them? You feel distant, you feel sorrow.

The nature of our souls is that they want Allah, they need the remembrance of Allah.

You know, the body consists of flesh, bone, muscle, and blood. But there’s two parts to the body: there’s the physical sense, and there’s the spiritual sense.

The Physical

We know what it needs. It needs exercise, it needs a good heart, it needs good food, it needs nutrition, it needs all of these things to have a good healthy body.

The Spiritual

But, what does the soul need? That soul needs Allah. And when that soul is taken away from Allah, it doesn’t remember Allah, it is never in a good environment, it becomes depressed, it becomes lonely, it yearns for Allah, it yearns for its creator…

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We need these environments. We need to be around good people. And when I say ‘good people’, you know, many of us have this habit:

“Oh, Masha’Allah! You know I have very good friends. They don’t swear, they don’t steal, they don’t do anything wrong, they don’t break the law…”

So these are good people!

No, not necessarily.

We have become so shallow. Good people means people that remember Allah, people that talk about Allah, people who don’t sit there backbiting and slandering and slamming, and my opinion and your opinion, and these people and that people… People when I’m sitting with them, you know, I feel like I’m getting closer to Allah.

I leave the gathering, I feel depressed, I want to go back there again… These are the good people. People who pray, people who really have genuine fear of Allah.

So, you need these people in your environment. The human being is a social being. We are not loners, you know, this concept of, “Oh, I just want to be alone.”

This is wrong.

We are social beings and social creatures, and you will always be a product of your surroundings.

So, we need to be around good people.