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What Happens When You Complete Reading Quran?

As we move closer and closer to the end of Ramadan, we’re moving closer and closer to the time when many will be doing what is called Khatm of the Quran, that is to finish the complete reading of the book of Allah.

 Your Prayers Are Accepted

Various narrations indicate that when the Quran is completed, mercy descends, that people’s prayers are accepted and thousands of angels are present that say ‘Ameen’ to the supplications that are made at this time.

We know from the early community that they used to gather together with their children and families when they would do a complete reading of the Quran.

They would do this because this was oftentimes thought to be a time where prayers were accepted.

But it also teaches us the importance of having a connection to the Quran. This is a month that we have to revive our connection with the book of Allah.

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One of the indications in doing that, theses scholars have deemed good, is that once we finish the complete reading of the Quran, we immediately go into the first chapter (Al-Fatihah) and read the first part of chapter Al-Baqarah to have what is to be optimistic then that we can follow up and read the Quran.

Strengthen Your Connection with the Quran

But the point of reading the Quran in Ramadan is not just to read it in Ramadan and not to have that connection outside Ramadan; it’s to reestablish that connection; it’s to give us that reinvigorated connection with the Quran so that we can continue this after Ramadan.

And this is something we hope that all of us will regularly do a khatm of the Quran. Even if we are the slowest of readers, let’s make a goal to do one khatm a year. If you’re a bit faster, let’s make a goal to do two khatms a year, if you’re a bit faster, let’s have a higher intention.

For those who can read fairly fast, let’s make intention to finish the Quran every two months, or even every month. and those that are reciting faster, perhaps they will finish the Qur’an multiple times in one month… This will then bring to life our connection with the book of Allah.

We hope this idea of khatm spreads at our local community levels throughout wherever it is we’re practicing Islam so that we can then experience the blessing and the mercy that comes with the book of Allah, reconnecting to the eternal speech of our Lord.

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