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Welcome Ramadan With Love

There is a hadith narrated by Abu Ya’la that our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

Were the servants to have known what is in Ramadan, my Ummah would have wished that Ramadan be the entire year.

In this hadith, our Prophet (peace be upon him) is teaching us something special about Ramadan, and that’s, there is a special outpour of the Divine Mercy in this blessed month.

Prophet Muhammad is teaching us the requisite ethic and etiquette that we should have in relation to the outpour of the Divine Mercy and the outpour of the Divine generosity. Naturally, this is something that should move us from within; this is something that we should desire.

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We tend to forget that human beings have an absolute need for mercy. We are in need of receiving the Divine Mercy; we are in need of receiving the Divine generosity.

And if you notice here that the Prophet Muhammad that, “were servants to know…” and then he’s going to speak about his ummah; because Ramadan is a month of worship. It is a month that there is fasting but there is also standing, and there is a number of other forms of worship that we do in this special month.

Love Ramadan

So, were those who long for worship and they love worship to know what is really in this month; and everything that we can possibly imagine what would be in this month from the outpour of the Divine mercy and generosity. Even though that we never truly know, is that we would want Ramadan to remain with us the entire year.

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This etiquette that Prophet Muhammad is teaching us is that we should protect ourselves from just wanting to go through the motions and quickly finish fasting so we can get back into our normal everyday life. Instead we should love Ramadan. It should take us to an ultimate opportunity for us to be able to resemble the angels and be able to do that which that if we remain upon it, we will meet our Lord in the best of states.

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