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We Are in Love With This Dunya – Sad Reality

We love this world (dunya)! I love dunya, you love dunya, we all love dunya… Its love has been instilled in our hearts from such a young age. We love its houses, its cars, its yacht, its money, its women, its fame, honor, status, and power.

When dunya comes to me I’m excited and I’m happy, and when dunya is taken away from me I’m sad and I’m miserable.

We love this world (dunya), but this world doesn’t love us back. We can give this world everything we have and it will take it and give you nothing in return.

Allah, the creator of this world, the one that knows that for its true colors, says:

And what is the life of this world except it is the enjoyment of delusion, deception.

We think these toys bring us happiness, it’s not real happiness. It is not how much you have, rather it’s how much you can live without.

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We think that by gaining all of these pleasures in these toys that we’re going to reach contentment. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) has told us that nothing will satisfy the hunger of man in his quest for this world except the dust, (meaning that when we enter our grave only then will we be truly satisfied).

The Prophet has told us that:

If the son of Adam had a valley of gold, he would wish he had another one. (Al-Bukhari)

The Reality of Dunya

You know, death once asked life:

“Why does everyone love you but yet they hate me?”

So life responded, and it said:

“Because you are a painful truth, while I’m a beautiful lie.”

That’s the reality of this world.

Where to Find Happiness?

There is no happiness here; you will never find true contentment in this world.

Allah, the creator of this world, the creator of true happiness, has told us the only place, the only location you will ever find true happiness: His way. He says:

Verily in the remembrance of Allah the hearts find true rest, true happiness, true contentment.

That’s where you find it, not in this world. And He has also told us the opposite in the Quran. Allah says that:

Whoever stays away from My remembrance, whoever stays away from my faith, from my way, from my path, will have a miserable life…

Whoever stays away from it, Allah promises, no doubt, for that person a miserable life.

If you don’t have Allah in your life, you will never be happy regardless of how much money you have. The equation is just not there.

Do you want true happiness? Then run to Allah, that’s where true happiness is. It’s not in this world. Don’t exhaust your effort and waste your life chasing a mirage, chasing something that Allah has promised us it will be destroyed.

Do you want true happiness? Run to Allah. Allah will give you true happiness in this life and in our real home, the everlasting home, the home that will never ever have new owners except for you, Paradise. That’s what we’re seeking.