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These Chapters Can Help Alleviate Your Depression

Life is never a bed of roses. We suffer from heartbreak, pain, and calamity, any of which might drive us to depression.

However, at times depression can just be there for no specific reason at all, and when this happens it is imperative that we seek help for it.

Allah has revealed the Quran as a guide for mankind till the end of time, giving us a guide to help us through depression. Some chapters of the Quran are valuable reading during depression and anxiety, as their meanings and messages can help alleviate depression, insha’ Allah.

Chapter Ad-Duha

Allah revealed this chapter at a time when our Prophet was depressed, to soothe him. For the man who suffered the most in this world, it was something very soothing.

The chapter reminds the Prophet of the blessings that Allah has opened for him. And He asks him to help the poor and the needy and to make mention of the blessings of Allah upon him.

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Along with chapter Ad-Duha, Allah also revealed chapter Al-Inshirah, 94, in the Quran. He tells the Prophet about how Allah had eased the pain that the Prophet felt internally by revealing to him the Quran.

Allah mentions how He will raise the mention of His Prophet around the world. And today every second somewhere on earth the adhan is going on and someone somewhere is saying Ashadu anna Muhammadar Rasulullah. He also mentions that both before hardship and after hardship is ease. Then He instructs the Prophet to pray to His Lord after he is done with his duties to the people.

Chapter Yusuf

Among the early chapters revealed to the Prophet was chapter Yusuf. This is a unique chapter in the Quran in that most of it relates just the story of one Prophet of Allah, Yusuf.

We can derive countless lessons  from this chapter and a lot of it has to do with dealing with hardship. How Jacob and Yusuf (peace be upon them) dealt with pain and suffering in this world and how Allah elevated both of them due to their patience. This was also a chapter revealed to the Prophet to console him, and this should work brilliantly for us too!

Surah Al-Isra, Al-Kahf, Maryam, Ta-Ha, Al-Anbiya

The eminent companion of the Prophet, Abdullah ibn Mas’ud, said concerning these chapters (17, 18, 19, 20, 21):

“They were among the first chapters to be revealed and they are my treasures.”

Imam al-Bayhaqi mentions about this narration:

“He was referring to the superiority of these chapters because of what they contain of stories of the Prophets and the nations. And they were among the first chapters to be revealed at the beginning of Islam, and they were among the first parts of the Quran to be recited and memorized.”

All of these chapters contain lots of stories of the Prophets, of the nations of old, and of Bani Israel in particular. All of these stories help with depression and anxiety and help us feel the power and majesty of Allah.

Chapter Ar-Rahman

Chapter Ar-Rahman probably has the most vivid imagery of both Paradise and Hellfire. It also tells us of so many blessings of Allah that are mentioned within it. It is a chapter that is soothing to the ears, calming on the heart, and food for the soul. With its beautiful imagery, description of Paradise, and a mention of the blessings of our Lord, it can take us out of depression.

Chapter An-Nas

Depression has a lot to do with low self-esteem and self-doubt. A lot of it is exaggerated by the whispering of Satan who has sworn to deviate every last human being he can on planet Earth.

However, Allah is The Most Merciful. Among the chapters He has revealed to combat the whispers of Satan is chapter An-Nas. Reciting it often can help in removing doubts and whispering and is a chapter which brings protection from all harms.

Source: Understand Quran.

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Raiiq Ridwan is a Bangladeshi medical student at the University of Bristol, UK. He has a Bachelors In Arts in Islamic Studies at the Islamic Online University. He is founder of "The One Message". He’s certified life coach. He can write on topics related to Quran, dawah, depression, anxiety, achieving goals, productivity etc.