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The Station of Awakening – Ignite Your Spirituality

The station of awakening (Al-Yaqadhah) is most rarely attempted and attained.

This station is like an alarm that goes off. Imagine when you are in deep sleep, the alarm goes off. What’s the first think that comes to your mind?

Well, perhaps the first thing is that you hit snooze; you don’t want to hear that alarm, it’s annoying, it’s unpleasant and unwelcome.

Our State of Heedlessness

That is the first reaction you have when someone tells you where you are in your journey to God. That you, in fact, are heedless.

I don’t mean that you are not in your view or in others’ view, or you are not a good believer, you’re not righteous… In fact, you’re may be a preacher, and maybe talking about myself, all of us are in a state of heedlessness (ghaflah).

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Awaken Your Spirituality

That’s human nature; we slip into this without knowing. And if we are blessed, God will send an alarm.

Some event, some idea, some thought, some preacher, some word, some verse of the scripture will bring you back and give you a chance to think about where you really are.

Is this the life you really want to live? Are you ready to meet your Lord? You are going to die, and when you die, it is not the end, it is the beginning, it’s the beginning of eternity.

How do you want to spend your eternity?