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Talk to Allah…Release Your Supplication

Once a thing you need comes to your mind, just utter it; let the supplication come out; make the du`aa’ immediately because you do not know when the time for acceptance is.

Call out to the Almighty; ask Him; tell Him at any given time: when you are walking; when you are driving; when you are home; when you are in a kitchen. Say: “O Allah, bless my child; O Allah protect me from evil!”

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Talk to your Creator! The minute you think of a du`aa’ say it out. It develops such a beautiful link between you and Allah.

People feel scared but forget to say: “O Allah protect us from fear.”

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People are worried about poverty but they fail to say: “O Allah protect us from poverty.”

People look at those who are sick but they don’t bother to thank Allah for the gifts they have been granted.

Mufti Ismail Menk speaks in this video about making du`aa’  (Supplication) in all situations and at any time.

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