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Seeing the Face of Allah

Prophet Muhammad said:

“You shall see your Lord just as you see this full moon”

The comparison is to the people looking at the moon and the people looking at Allah. No one will be fighting, no one will be arguing to see it… everyone will be able to see Allah.

The greatest blessing in Paradise is not things inside it, rather something more. Allah says:

{Those who do good they shall get Al-Husna (Paradise) and more}

What could possibly more than Paradise?

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Prophet Muhammad explained this verse:

“when the people of Paradise have entered Paradise, Allah will ask them:

“O My servants, are you happy?”

They will say: “Yes, oh Allah we are”

Allah will say: “O my servants, is there anything more that you want?”

They will say: “What could we want more than this o Allah? Have you not caused us to enter Paradise, what more could we want?”

The Prophet said:

“Then Allah will lift the veil an they will look at His face and they will not be given anything better and more noble than the looking at His face. And this is the thing that is more than Paradise”

Allah said:

{You’re only spending your money to see see the Face of Allah}

You’re being good to relative in order to see the face of Allah. Allah says:

{They’re being patient in order to see Allah}

And the Quran tells us that when we see the face of Allah, our faces will become bright and shining:

{On that Day, faces will be shining bright because they will be looking at their Lord}

And this shows us that looking at the face of Allah is the greatest blessing given to us. And that face has been described as Dhul-Jalal Wal-Ikram. His Face of magnificence, honor and nobility, why?

Because anybody who sees that face has been honored beyond anyone else.

We will not see the face of Allah in this world. Moses asked to see but Allah said “you don’t have the power”, that is something only in the next life.

In the Night of Journey, Jibreel said to the Prophet:

Allah“Now you have to go on on your own, I’m not allowed beyond this point”

The Prophet went higher than any created being has ever been. Then when he came back down, Abu Dhar asked him:

“O messenger of Allah, did you see your Lord?”

The Prophet replied:

“There was light everywhere, how could I see Him?”

What is this light?

The Prophet clarified in another hadith:

“Allah has taken a covering and His cover is light”

The hijab covers the beauty… and Allah’s hijab is itself a beauty and what is covered is beyond imagination, is beyond what the mind can comprehend.

“Allah’s hijab is light, if He were to lift that hijab, the rays of light that come from Allah’s face would destroy everything that it sees”

the beauty, the radiance of Allah is so powerful that the creation can’t bear to see it. So when the creation can’t bear to see it, out of mercy for the creation, Allah has veiled Himself from us in this world. And what is His veil? His veil is itself a light. So when the Prophet went up in the Night Journey, he saw the veil of Allah.