Run Back to Him

You meet people who look at you and they insult religion and insult you. This is not because they don’t like you, this is not because they mean what they are saying.

It’s because in their heart, they have gone to hardness and they have misled themselves and they don’t even realize it. Because Allah says in the Quran:

If you forget me I will cause you to forget yourself. (59:19)

You won’t even realize why you’re like that. And his solution is one. All he has to do is what Allah says in the Quran:

So flee to Allah. Indeed, I am to you from Him a clear warner. (51:50)

Run Back to Him

Allah is saying to you run back to Him. It can’t get more romantic and beautiful than that. He is saying: “I don’t want you to go, come back!”

And the moment you make repentance and you’re saying: “O Allah forgive me…” Do you feel the burning? Do you feel the eyes welling up?

You can feel the heart when you’re going to pray, you can feel the emotions coming. This isn’t you… you can’t decide, “I want to repent,” you can’t decide, “I want to be forgiven”…

This is Him. And He puts khushu in your heart, and He pulls you; you just took instant step and He guided the rest. You just instigated the slightest bit of your heart towards Him and He says: “Think of Me and I’ll think of you; come to Me, I’ll come to you; walk to Me, I’ll come to you at speed.”

Who else can remove the sins and forgive you except Allah? A believer is certain that, “I just repented and Allah has forgiven me.” And it is a must to believe that when I repent, I am forgiven.

Allah says:

I forgive sins and I accept repentance.

He will definitely forgive you and He will definitely accept your repentance.

Run back to Me.

You’ve walked far away when you commit sins. You go away from your Lord, run back to that beginning, the fitrah. Polish the heart, remove the black spots and come back and He will forgive you. He says:

I am in love of those who repent. So long as my slave continues to come back to Me, so long as he realizes I am a forgiving Lord. Oh my angels bear witness I will forgive him no matter what he does.