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Praying Continually For God’s Guidance

Islam intends to guide humanity towards perfection and well-being. God’s Guidance is the driving force behind every development.

Any growth depends on Him. A tree or a man or an idea grows and matures only in His light. A beast can protect and rear its offspring in a dangerous jungle only with His guidance. Life is from God and only He can guide it.

Why Do We Need Guidance?

God takes us through the maze of life. Human life is composed of multiple stages.

You will progress from stage to stage. (Quran 84:19)

We need God’s guidance in each stage. We don’t know what will come in the future, but if we follow the guidance today, we can rest assured that tomorrow will be a better day for us.

So we attain guidance by seeking it, and vice versa. Guidance is not a stagnant thing, but a growing one.

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But as for those who follow guidance, He adds to their guidance, and shows them the way to righteousness. (Quran 47:17)

We should follow the path laid down for us to see more ways opening in front of us. Guidance comes with progress.

Surah Fatihah teaches us to pray for guidance:

Guide us to the straight path. (Quran 1:6)

It should be noticed that specifics of guidance are not spelled out here. We should not become dogmatic and narrow down its scope. Only God knows what guidance is and we should put our complete trust in Him.

We Need Guidance in Every Matter

It is a folly to assume that we know some things and we need guidance only in certain things. We need guidance in every matter. It may be a decision that decides the future course of life or it may be a routine day to day activity, we need God’s Guidance all the same. God knows our final abode and He guides us appropriately.

We see many people in society who had very humble beginnings but later achieved spectacular things. This is possible only with God’s Guidance. It is important to be in the right place at the right moment. God can convert our little steps into giant strides with His limitless knowledge. He guides the right soul to the right position.

Open to All

God’s offer for guidance is open for all. It encompasses people working in every domain. He asked Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and his brother Aaron to go to Pharaoh and offer him words of guidance.

Go, both of you to Pharaoh, for he has transgressed all bounds. But speak gently to him; perhaps he may yet take heed or even feel afraid. (Quran 20:43-44)

Humanity can achieve a lot with appropriate guidance. Guidance is the way to greatness. Without guidance, successes can become tragedies. People aspiring big should not fail to ask guidance from God.

Only with God’s guidance can our hearts desire a good thing and our minds focus and devise a plan. Only then can we dedicate our abilities to achieving our visions.

Let us pray for guidance every day and in every matter.