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How to Be a Person of the Highest Level of Taqwa?

Allah says that the most righteous are the people of the most taqwa. How do you become a person of the highest level of taqwa? This can be achieved when we give from our wealth.

Give From Your Wealth

By giving from our wealth, Allah promises to cleanse us inwardly and outwardly, and thus elevate our state to be among the people of the highest taqwa.

Allah says:

The one who gave his wealth so that he may be cleansed. (Quran 92:18)

This verse illustrates that when you give wealth, you won’t purify yourself, Allah is going to purify you.

So what’s the purpose of giving wealth? Cleaning oneself up as a gift of Allah. You give the gift to the poor, and Allah cleans you up.

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Give Whatever You Can

The other benefit of this verse is so beautiful.

As for he who gives and fears Allah (92:5)

The condition to cleanse yourself is not to give a lot; to cleanse yourself, just start giving.

In this verse, Allah didn’t mention wealth here. So what do you give a lot of if you don’t have wealth? You give your time, you give your effort, you give your youth…

But if Allah mentioned wealth, what about the poor people? They don’t have a lot to give.

But when it came to giving, He didn’t say “giving a lot” here, He just say giving.

Because even the poorest person can give something. Give date, give a seed, give something… Allah doesn’t ask you to give a lot because you may not have a lot.

When it came to giving in general, which means give of your love, give of your aspirations, give of your youth, give of your talent, and give of your wealth if you have.

Make it a Habit

We have no limitations here, which is an amazing illustration of giving wealth, even just keep giving a little, make it a habit, don’t stop.

Keep cleansing your wealth, keep losing the love of it, tell your children why they should do it. Every time you give them a gift, teach them to give charity, teach them to be grateful, teach them to give of things they love.

Allah says: But the righteous one will avoid it – (92:17)

The one who has the most taqwa will be warded away from any harm and be secured.


In the historical context, most of the commentators said that these verses were revealed when Abu Bakr gave his wealth and he was fearful of Allah, and when he freed a group of slaves.